How To Get Real Estate Investor Leads From Craigslist In 2023

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A lot of real estate investors type phrase on Google “how to get real estate investor reals leads from Craigslist in 2023” because Craigslist is a popular online marketplace where you can find potential real estate investor leads.

It’s simple, free of cost, and an effective way for real estate investors to generate potential leads on a regular basis.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get real estate investor reals leads from Craigslist in 2023.

Find your Market Area Craigslist

Different investors are from different locations and they have different market areas. So, to find your market area Craigslist you need to type {“your city name craigslist”}

For example: if your market area is New York, then you can type { “New York Craigslist” } on google search bar.

Find Real Estate For Sale

Craigslist is a huge marketplace for services, jobs, gigs, housing and for sale.

We are in the real estate niche. So, you will find real estate for sale listed under the ‘For Sale’ section

For sale > Real estate for sale

Use filters to find right property

Once you click on the “real estate for sale” you will find a lot of properties listed in front of you.

To get the right property for you. You can use the filter giver on the left side, like you can use the filter property listed by owner or liste by broker.

You can also filter by price, bedroom, bathroom and posted date.

The search bar filter is also there at the top, you can use your search and get your desired property.

Connect to the Seller

Once you like any property, click on that property and you will redirect to the a new page where you will find all the specifications of the property and details like property address, number of bedroom and bathroom, asking price etc.

But here you hardly get their contact number to contact the seller.

To contact the seller you need to click on the reply button on the top left corner then click on the email.

Reply> email

Conversation with the seller

The email you get from craigslist is not the seller’s personal email. This is a by default email given by craigslist.

So, you need to send them an email on their default email and ask for their personal number and email so you can directly call, then convence them and finally close the deal.

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